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It is quite simple really, anything worth doing in life is worth doing well and by the numbers, Jan as done very well in her life. A wonderful career which started as a young girl in Australia playing junior golf as a schoolgirl. She had dreams and aspirations to become something special and special she has become . . .

Stats By the Numbers

Hall of Fame Button8 - Major Championships
15 - International Victories
16 - LPGA Victories
64 - Career Low Round
1974 - Rookie of the Year
$3,053,997 - Career Earnings


Born in Australia where she won 3 National Junior Titles and 2 Australian Opens. Jan became the first woman golfer to win championships on Five Different Continents. She has won both the LPGA Championship in 1982, the US Open Championship in 1983 and the Canadian Open in 1981. She has continued her career on the Legends Tour playing and delighting fans through-out the world with her golf skills and wonderful Aussie demeanor.

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As part of the "Fans of Jan" you can help her achieve World Golf Hall of Fame status, she simply needs your support. Click here to eMail the Hall - or on the red box above - it will link you directly to the World Golf Hall of Fame eMail where you can voice your support.

Let them know what you think. Put Jan Stephenson in the subject line, tell your favorite Jan story, express your support of Jan's candidacy to the Hall, sign your name and you will be counted in her bid to join the ranks of some of the most wonderful golfers on the planet, your World Golf Hall of Fame Members.

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