Jan Stephenson Wine & Spirits


It was only fitting that I chose the vineyards from the Central Coast of California for my wines.

Course Ownership


Jan Stephenson's Crossroads Foundation owns and operates the Tarpon Woods Golf Course in Palm Harbor Florida

About Jan


Meet Jan and her amazing story. She is an LPGA Legend , recipient of the Order of Australia Medal (OAM),  Entrepreneur, Winemaker and Distiller.


Jan Stephenson Design

Jan can design a golf course that ensures the creation of a quality

Crossroads Foundation

The Crossroads Foundation with the express purpose of: Giving to Those, That Have Given So Much.


Led by the keen business mind of Jan, she and her extraordinary team keep the hits coming. With her own Wine & Spirits labels, Golf Course ownership/management/design, Clinics, Event Management and Jan Stephenson's Crossroads Foundation there is never a dull moment at headquarters. Oh, and there is that she still is on the Senior LPGA tour competing regularly! 


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